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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

We are here to help you ACE your next event. Let us know if you have any other questions.


1. What is a virtual event?

A virtual event is an event held online that allows attendees to interact in a virtual space and virtual lounge, rather than in a physical location.

2. How do I host a virtual event with ACE?

To host a virtual event with ACE, feel free to get in touch with a member of our team. We’ll set up a meeting to discuss your goals and help you develop a strategy that works for you.

3. What are some of the services ACE offers that others don’t?

We offer a wide range of services that are unmatched. We have a highly professional tech support staff and we boast the most experience hosting events on Remo; we are one of three agencies that have achieved gold partner status! We also provide phone support, create out of this world custom floor plans, and we offer white label services. For a comprehensive list of our most popular services, visit our Services page.

4. How does ACE produce a virtual event?

We meet with customers and guide them throughout the entire online event creating process. We design a virtual space that brings their vision to life. We also add production value by doing speaker and user onboarding sessions, assisting with rehearsals and offering invaluable tech support before and during the event. Additionally, we deliver high-quality events by ensuring that sponsor videos are cued up on time, live streamed content is recorded, and guests are viewing a seamless delivery. We go into more depth on the role of virtual event production in our blog.

5. Has ACE produced any virtual events? What do they look like?

Ace has produced many virtual events and we have several projects underway. From webinars to workshops to full-scale virtual conferences, along with our own programs of Cadence, Social Box, and other collaborations, our clients are always satisfied and have described our events as “next-level”.

6. What is the cost for virtual event production?

We offer a wide range of services with virtual event production, such as tech support, custom floor plans, hosting, speaker onboarding, event consultation, white label services, live streaming, video production, and phone support. We are happy to provide a quote based on your needs.

7. What is the average turnaround time for a virtual event?

The average turnaround time depends on what you want to include in your event. A customized floor plan usually takes around 14 days on average to complete. We also recommend scheduling multiple dry runs and user onboarding sessions before the main event to ensure your attendees are familiar with the platform.

8. What event technology platform does ACE use?

We work with one of the most advanced platforms available, the Remo Interactive Virtual Event Platform, and we can easily integrate many features and tools of your choice to bring your vision and design to life.

9. What branding options do I have? Can I include my own branding?

You can create a branded event space that offers a unique experience for your audience. As with in-person events, virtual events can be tailored to leverage your brand colors, logo, fonts, and imagery by customizing your floor plan, landing page and user interface.

10. Can I customize my event?

Your virtual event can be fully customized with a branded virtual event platform, a unique landing page, and a customized floor plan design. You can see some of our past designs here.

11. Should we be doing a pre-recorded or live presentation?

Pre-recorded and live presentations can both be incorporated into your event. We can set up a meeting and help you decide the best option to choose based on your sessions and content.

12. How do I incorporate exhibit halls and sponsor engagement virtually?

Exhibit halls can be traditional or they can be customized with booth design, graphics, logos, videos and more. We are happy to work with you to create exhibit halls that are sure to impress your guests.

There are several ways to engage sponsors: you can display sponsor banners with logos and links to their website throughout the platform, or you can feature sponsor graphics and videos during presentations or in between sessions.

We can guide you with exploring creative ways to display exhibit halls and highlight sponsors while delivering a unique experience to your attendees.

13. Does ACE offer a system for ticket sales?

You’re certainly welcome to set up your own ticket registration system with external sites such as Eventbrite or HeySummit. We can provide consultation services where we can guide you with some best practices or walk you through what you want to do.

14. Do you offer assistance with sourcing virtual talent?

Ace does not supply speakers or other forms of entertainment. However, we do have a few people that we know that we would be happy to recommend. Feel free to reach out to us for assistance.

15. Does ACE allow private chat messaging between attendees?

Yes, event attendees can message each other through private chat. To send a direct message, go to the “chat'' tab at the bottom of the screen, then type the name of the attendee in the search bar; click on their name and message them directly. You can also click the icon of an attendee and then click “message”.

16. Is there the ability to go into a “breakout room” or any tool to do small breakout groups or 1-1?

With our unique floor plans, each table is a breakout room. Guests can join a table and talk to only the people at that table, without other participants hearing the conversation. Floor plans can be customized to include small tables of 2 for 1-1 networking, or larger tables of up to 10 persons. You can include tables with up to 20 seats for an additional fee. To join a table, simply double click on an empty seat at that table.

17. How many attendees can join and view a session at the same time?

The number of attendees that can join a session at the same time will depend on the floor plan and number of buildings. Each building can include up to 10 floors, and each floor can seat a maximum of 100 people, so one building can hold 1000 attendees. You can include any number of buildings for your event.

18. Do I need a Zoom account to join an ACE event?

No, you don’t need a Zoom account to join an event hosted by ACE. You need a Remo account, which is easy to create. When logging into an event, you’ll be prompted to sign up by entering your full name, your email and a password.

19. Can my computer or mobile device handle the virtual event?

To get the best experience, it is recommended that you use a desktop or laptop. Remo still operates in beta with mobile devices, such as phones or tablets, so using these will limit some of the features and user experience.

20. What kind of technology would I need to participate in a virtual event?

A laptop or desktop is recommended to participate in a virtual event. Ensure that your device has a built in webcam or you can set up an external webcam. Good quality speakers are also necessary to hear the presentations and other attendees clearly. For the best audio experience and to avoid feedback or echo when speaking, we highly recommend using a headset, and if possible, a good mic, especially if you’re a speaker.

21. How long does it take to get your mic and camera set up?

A few seconds! If you’re using an external webcam or headset, you simply plug them into your laptop and then choose the corresponding option on the main menu before you enter the event. You’ll be prompted to test that your camera, mic, and speakers are working before logging in to any event. You will also have the ability to change and select different gear from the toolbar once you’re on the platform.

22. What is the recommended internet speed to access an ACE virtual event?

Since ACE produces high quality events with live streaming video options, we recommend using a minimum broadband of 8 mbps download speed and 8 mbps upload speed to maintain a stable connection.

23. How can I cancel my event?

To cancel your virtual event, simply reach out to your contact person at ACE and inform them of your decision. Deposits are non-refundable.

24. How do I choose a virtual event platform?

If you’re used to planning or hosting in-person events, you can now take your vision and apply it to your virtual layout. With today’s advances in technology, virtual event platforms now come fully featured and event managers are constantly adding more perks to their platforms to make events more intriguing.

Instead of defaulting to the most basic platform with limited features, look for a platform that offers everything you want in an event - one that is customizable, easy to use, and engaging.

Once you’ve chosen a platform to work with, you can then move on to choosing the right virtual event producer to really create an event that will stand out. If you seek out our event consultation services, we can help you choose the right platform and tools for your event.

25. Can I work with ACE if I have already secured an event technology platform?

Of course. We offer consultations to help you build a plan and organize your event, even if you already have all your own tools. We can guide you if your event requires added tech support, hosting, or phone support. We’ll walk you through the steps to creating your event and help you fill in the missing pieces.

26. How secure is Remo?

Remo offers role-based permission controls and settings that prevent non-authorized users from accessing the event. You can also request to enable the lobby feature so you can control who joins your event and when.

27. How long does it take to set up a virtual event in Remo?

Smaller 1-2 hours events that require minimal hosting and no custom floor plan can be done in a couple of days. More complex events, such as conferences, could take a few weeks or a few months to set up.

28. What operating systems does Remo support?

For Windows, Remo conferences support Windows 10 and above, using the following browsers:

  • Chrome Version 77 and above

  • Firefox Version 76 and above

  • Microsoft Edge Version 87 and above

For MacOS, Remo conferences support MacOS: High Sierra - 10.13 and above, using the following browsers:

  • Chrome Version 77 and above

  • Firefox Version 76 and above, Safari Version 13 and above

  • Microsoft Edge Version 87 and above

29. What languages does the Remo app support?

Remo only supports the English language at the moment. However, there is additional software that you can use so your guests can experience presentations in different languages. You can also have Google Chrome translate the page for you.

30. How does a virtual event compare to an in-person meeting?

Virtual events offer more reach, more accessibility, and less limitations than in-person events. They are also more cost effective, they have a faster turnaround time and they are easier to market. With ACE, you can make your virtual experience as fun and rewarding as an in-person event.

31. What is the difference between a webinar, a broadcast and a full-scale virtual experience?

A webinar is an online seminar that involves content being broadcast to a group of people. Webinars are usually used for workshops, lectures, or presentations. Participants can interact with each other or with speakers via Q&A and chat features.

A broadcast is a transmission of audio and video content electronically that is normally available to the general public. Broadcasts include tv and radio programs. In a broadcast, viewers have no way of interacting with speakers or with other viewers.

A full-scale virtual event offers attendees an immersive experience. Hosts can make use of customization and other features to allow attendees to interact with each other and with speakers directly. Full-scale virtual events can be tailored to include booths, concurrent sessions, functional gathering spaces, and entertainment ideas.

32. How can I combat virtual fatigue at my online event?

You can combat virtual fatigue by creating engaging content for your audience. Break down longer sessions into shorter ones and incorporate interactive moments into your event. Make use of customization features such as a branded floor plan, a unique theme, polls, Q&As, and gamification. Schedule networking sessions so your guests can move around and network with people at different tables. This functional networking space automatically reduces virtual fatigue.

33. What are the benefits of hosting a virtual event during this time?

Virtual events offer many benefits. A virtual event provides the opportunity to connect with people worldwide, something that’s extremely important during this time. They have extensive reach, less barriers and less logistical costs, resulting in invaluable results for businesses.

34. Would I be better off postponing my event or taking it virtual?

This answer will depend on what’s best for your company. If you postpone your event, it could cause conflicts with those who have already registered, creating a lower turnout later. If you offer a virtual option, which comes at a lower cost to you and your event attendees, chances are that more people will be able to attend which, in turn, will grant you more revenue as well.


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