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Updated: Nov 2, 2023

Ace Virtual Events and Super FunWorks Announce Merger

Image shows a handshake in the background between two business people and text that reads, "PRESS RELEASE | ACE Virtual Evnets and Super FunWorks Establish Partnership"

October 10, 2023

Ace Virtual Events, a leader in the digital events sector, and Super Funworks, a top-tier web designing and development company, announced their merger today, creating an industry leader in the virtual arena. The combined company will operate under the name Ace Virtual Agency.

The company’s founders are Christopher Nesbit, Jonaed Iqbal, and Naz Huda. Having opened several successful businesses together, the founders believe this strategic merger will place Ace Virtual Agency as a major player in the Virtual Solutions industry.

Christopher Nesbit stated, “We are thrilled to announce the merger between ACE Virtual Events and Super FunWorks. This merger aligns with our mission to offer a competitive edge for our clients by finding the best solutions to help them meet their business goals. Our pooled talents expand our market share in the virtual services industry. We are excited to bring first-rate solutions that fuel customer growth.”

“Our partnership over the last few years makes this an easy decision,” said Jonaed Iqbal. “Ace Virtual Events has hosted many successful virtual and hybrid events that focused on connection and relationship building. Super FunWorks has created amazing websites that have favored small businesses and accelerated their growth. Ultimately, both companies have the same goal - using innovative solutions to propel businesses forward.”

Naz Huda added, “Our teams have done an outstanding job in connecting people to peers and to key information in their industries. This merger offers both companies more benefits. We now have a large team and with it, a higher operational efficiency resulting from a well-organized structure. Together, we can expand our strengths and create actionable results. We are confident this merger is the best option for both companies and its clients.”

This partnership was decided after realizing that our clients can benefit from what each company offers. Ace Virtual Events centered around connection and community, and Super FunWorks aimed to help small businesses and startups take their business to the next level. By combining our strengths, we can now offer our clients a comprehensive list of virtual solutions to help them scale their business, such as:

  • virtual event hosting

  • professional live streaming and recording

  • website design and development

  • content creation

  • virtual project management

  • marketing

  • graphic design

The merger will combine the extensive customer base and expertise of Ace Virtual Events and the talented team of Super FunWorks to offer a wider range of solutions to its clients and accelerate their growth, redefining the way our clients connect in a virtual world.

The acquisition is effective immediately.

For more information on Ace Virtual Agency, please visit

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