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Event Setup - 350 (per building)

  • ​Included: 

    • Event landing page

    • Creating event space

    • Adding Sponsors

    • Setting up billboards

    • Setting up table names

    • Setting up custom onboarding message and media

In-Event Hosting - 330 (per hour)

  • Included: ​

    • Posting announcements

    • Setting timers

    • Starting the presentation mode

    • Adding videos in presentation mode

    • Adding/removing speakers

    • Removing/ banning malicious attendees (upon client request)

    • Supplies post-event Exports and analytics:

      • Export general chat

      • Export Q&A chat 

      • Recordings of presentation mode (if requested) 

      • Export attendee list:

        • Registered name

        • Email

        • Attended- Y/N

        • The first time attendees joined/left the session

          • Estimated total time in the event. 

**Presence in the event: Support has a minimal/no contact approach with attendees. Host focused on running event smoothness in the background.

In-Event Tech Support - 440 (per building, per hour)

Team Construction: 

  • (1) Lead technician

  • (3) Support technicians

  • (2) Phone support technicians

Multi-Layer Tech Support: 

  • Help Desk 

    • ​Attendees may join the table for technical support for direct assistance. 

  • Phone Support

    • ​Two (2) support staff (per building) monitor a toll-free number starting 30 minutes prior to your event and continuing throughout.

    • Attendees may call in and receive support:

      • Creating their account

      • Logging in 

      • Technical assistance while in the event

      • Assistance with any other issues/questions they may have regarding the event, Remo, or ACE Events.

  • Chat monitoring: 

    • Support requests

    • Inappropriate comments

Speaker Onboarding / Dry Run - 500 (per hour)

  • Includes:

    • 10 attendees/ speakers for 1 hour.

    • Presentation mode utilized to demonstrate platform functions

    • Q&A: 30-60 mins.

    • Attendees have the opportunity to come on stage in the manner they would during their presentation.

    • In Attendance:

      • ​Group session with up to 10 speakers/staff

      • One ACE Host 

      • One ACE Tech

      • Your assigned ACE Point of contact (POC)

  • ALT Option 1  (Attendee Onboarding):

    • Demonstrate the platform to up to 100 attendees
      (boards, VIP groups, etc).

    • A 10-minute introduction for functions of the platform 

    • The client may have up to 2 representatives come to the stage to speak for up to 10 minutes.

    • 20-30 minutes of networking time to explore the platform.

    • The host is available during this time to answer questions and 3 tech support staff can be made available for the hour for an additional $200.

    • In Attendance:

      • 100 general attendees

      • One ACE Host 

      • One ACE Tech

      • Your assigned ACE Point of contact (POC)

  • ALT Option 2  (Dry-run):

    • Condensed dry run of the event. 

      • Review day-of show-flow. ​

      • One-hour

      • Demonstrate the order of events

      • In Attendance:

        • 5 client team members

        • One ACE Host 

        • One ACE Tech

        • Your assigned ACE Point of contact (POC)

Attendee Management - 1.5 (per attendee, per hour)


  • Audio and video hosting fees for all attendees (at cost) 

  • Ensures that all overhead management costs are covered for your event to have the pre-event support needed. 

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