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Frequently Asked Questions:

Tech Support

Ensuring attendees have the best experience during your event, is paramount to the success of an event. Let our highly qualified and trained team of technicians help your attendees troubleshoot any problems that may arise.
The result, one less thing for you to worry about!  

Speaker Onboarding

Events shine when your speakers are prepared. We prep your speakers so that they are ready to deliver a seamless presentation. We also make sure your speakers are extremely comfortable with the platform and understand how to engage your audience.

Live Steaming 

Live Streaming your event allows you to reach the maximum number of viewers while ensuring top-notch production quality. ACE has studio partners around the country for onsite filming, as well as, in-house, experienced streamers to run the stream in the background.

The look and feel of your event is one of the most important factors when hosting a virtual event. It is also true that most platforms don't offer any customization. We offer full customization and branding options for most aspects of the platform. Let our expert, in-house design team create an amazing floor plan for your next event!

Event Consultation

You may have all of the tools in house, but you need guidance on how to put it all together, ensuring you get the most out of your event. We can come in to help you strategize, answer questions, build a plan, and organize your event. We offer anything you may need, short of running the event.

Video Production

Our production specialists will shoot, edit, and record instructional videos, interviews, and collateral your event needs to stand out. Give us your branding guidelines and vision and leave the rest to us.


Everyone wants their virtual event to run smoothly and to stay on schedule. Our hosts know how to stay cool under pressure, keep an event on time, and keep your event running like a well-oiled machine. You can trust that each ACE host has hundreds of hours in the driver seat, making magic happen on stage.

White Label 

Looking to add another arm to your event business?  Partnerships with event agencies, take events to the next level. Our team will go behind the scenes and represent your company, in the best possible light. We provide another layer of customer support, guidance, and expertise so you can focus on your clients‘ needs.

Phone Support

Our customer service team will guide your attendees, address their needs, and answer any questions. With 100s of hours of experience, they make sure your guests get to the event as quickly as possible.

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